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Waree 1 Thai traditional massage

〒133-0057 東京都江戸川区


シャストインビル 3F


Waree 2 Thai traditional massage

〒133-0057 東京都江戸川

区西小岩1丁目27ー5 2F


Tel. 03-3650-8115

Open 11:00 am ~ Close 2:00am

Waree 2 Thai traditional massage

Welcome to website of Waree, traditional Thai massage solon with Thai style.

Traditional Thai massage is operated by pressing and stretching your entire body

using massage practitioners’ elbow and foot, which reduces your stress and improves circulation and is good for maintain functions of your muscles and joints that are not used

in your daily life. We serve also oil massage, which makes you relaxed and brings

relief for your feet, lower back and shoulders. Our Thailand female practitioners who have been trained in real traditional Thai massage operate these massages for you.

Please visit our salon and enjoy our massage. We are expecting you.

Thai Traditional Massage Waree.

Waree 1 Thai traditional massage

Waree Koiwa Thai Traditional Massage TEL.Tel. 03-3650-8115 「お電話の発信」